Bug Bounty Programs
»  Bug Bounty Program: Is a Vulnerability Incentives Program Right for You?
Bloomberg BNA (September 2015)

M&A Diligence
»  Buyer Beware Diligence Tips to Reduce Data Privacy & Security Risks
Bloomberg BNA (October 2014) (PDF)

Internet Safety
»  Mastering the Dark Arts of Cyberspace: A Quest for Sound Internet Safety Policies
Stanford Technology Law Review (Spring 2004) (PDF)
» Teens and the Internet: Disturbing ‘Camgirl’ Sites Deserve a Closer Look
Findlaw (23 January 2003)
» Fate of Children’s Online Protections Considered
New York Law Journal (11 September 2001) (PDF)

Social Networking
»  Facebooking in Court: Coping With Socially-Networked Jurors
Law.com (11 October 2010)
»  Twitter Jitters: Can What You Tweet About Police Land You in Jail?
Law.com (20 October 2009)
»  My Face in Your Book: Democratizing the Social Networks
Law.com (10 March 2009)
»  Off the Clock: Should Your Online Chronicles Jeopardize Your Career?
Law.com (5 February 2008)
»  Playing With Privacy: Virtual Communities Raise New Questions
Law.com (24 May 2007)

Data Security

» Data Dangers: Privacy Risks Facing Every Luxury Player
Luxury Society (21 January 2016)

» How Ready is Your Company to Respond to a Data Breach?
Law.com (10 July 2008)


» FATCA: New Tax Law Requires Foreign Banks to Share Unprecedented Details About Customers Overseas
BNA Privacy & Security Law (6 December 2010)
»  Child-Proofing Your Ads: New Maine Law Restricts Marketing to Minors
Law.com (4 August 2009)
»  Tag Sale: Selling Out Your Privacy
Law.com (9 November 2004)
»  Keeping Promises: Time to Rethink the Boilerplate on Online Privacy Policies
New York Law Journal (31 August 2004) (PDF)
»  Keeping Tom From Peeping
New York Law Journal (5 August 2003) (PDF)
»  Courts and Congress Redefining Privacy
New York Law Journal (13 May 2003) (PDF)
»  Upstart Cameras Hold No Privacy in Public
New York Law Journal (5 November 2002) (PDF)
»  Privacy Act Governs Release of Agency Records
New York Law Journal (21 May 2001) (PDF)

Identity Theft
»  Identity Theft Crisis: Will Tougher Penalties Alone Solve the Problem?
Law.com (Aug. 5, 2004)
»  New Bills Address Identity Theft
New York Law Journal (2 January 2002) (PDF)
» Identity Protection: Can We Live Without It?
New York Law Journal (7 February 2001) (PDF)

»  Acoso por Internet
Univision (in Spanish)(October 2002)
» Cyberstalking: Navigating a Maze of Laws
New York Law Journal (23 July 2002) (PDF)
»  A Guide to the Maze of Cyberstalking Laws
Gigalaw (July 2002)

» Spam Scammers Hit New Low With Spoofed Email
New York Law Journal (16 September 2002) (PDF)

»  I Cannot Eat Air: An Economic Analysis of International Immigration Law for the 21st Century
Cardozo Journal of International & Comparative Law (Spring 1999) (PDF)